Black Rose Books

22 Enmore Rd, Newtown, NSW 2042

Generally Open 10am-10pm, 7 days

Black Rose is a radical space that has been run by various groups of Sydneysiders (in various locations throughout the Inner West) for 33 years. Currently the space is at 22 Enmore Road in Newtown, in the territory known as New South Whales, Australia. We have a reading library and hold regular events in the evenings such as ‘Movie Night’ every Monday and Reading group every Thursday night. We do tea and coffee by donations as well as patches and zines. The space has free wifi and usually a computer you can access. We also have a ‘free shop’ out the front, which is basically a clothes exchange; take what you need, give what you don’t.

Black Rose is run collectively, that is, a group of people with similar interests and aims come together and make decisions based on a consensus model. No one is in charge and all the tasks we need to do to keep the space open are shared amongst us, from maintaining the library to cleaning. The space runs entirely on volunteers, donations and mutual aid and there are plenty of ways for folks to get involved. Here are some ideas:

      • Organise an event or attend one
      • Ask about doing a shift and looking after the space
      • Donate money to help pay the rent
      • We can alway used coffee beans, tea, sugar and milk etc…
      • Donate your radical books for the library
      • Make zines, music or patches
      • Read our library books
      • Have other ideas? Feel free to send us and email at black.rose@riseup.net

One thought on “About

  1. From the incident (which I was in the middle of) I saw nobody I recognised from Black Rose. My involvement was as a marshall shielding people from harm by police. The incident was an opportunist and intentional provocation by police who had other means peaceful of dealing with such a banner if they were really offended. For example they could have asked the participants to cover a letter in the offending word. I understand from having spoken to the officer in charge that this was not the case. Worth noting also that Greens David Shoebridge was quick in his public speech to denounce the “anarchists” who had “caused the incident” and others in the past- again erroneously.

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