This week

Got some new events at Black Rose this week.  Radical discussions will be starting again now that labour history is over.  We’ll also be starting Bahasa classes.  As always, events are free to enter, and there are refreshments available by donation.

Monday:  Discussion: Cronulla, Ten Years On


The fash are trying to take advantage of the anniversary of the Cronulla riots. So we’re going to have a round table discussion with input from participants, looking at the broader context, why the memorial should be countered, and what has the far right been up to recently.

Some possible questions to discuss:
– What is more important, anti-racism or anti-fascism?
– The contraversy over the last Counter-Reclaim, diversity of tactics, autonomous actions, and solidarity.


Tuesday – Screening: Jimmy’s Hall


A cool little film about the complexities of running a social centre in rural Ireland. Fighting the Church and the fascistic Republic to play jazz and promote communism.

Its a Ken Loach film, and pretty much everything he does is cool.


Wednesday: Bahasa class


First time we’ll be doing this. It’ll be for all levels of skill.


Thursday:  Anarkafem night

302930_10150432593006505_1195068033_n Autonomous night for women and non-binary folk.
Starts from 5pm.

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