This week

Labour history in Australia; Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee; anarkafem night; spanish classes.


higgins2Labour history: Harvaster and Wages for Housework

The Harvester wage determination and its discontents (1900 – 1910; wage determination generally)

Recomposing labour as pliant, white, male and British. The Australian Settlement?

Weekly Theme: Wages for Housework, gender and making households, gender and getting a wage

Harvester as a social wage
Origins of Harvester in the poor law
Wages for housework paid directly to males
Arbitration or Wages boards: both strangling direct action

Starts at 7pm, free entry, refreshments available by donations.


Bury My Heart at Wounded Kneebury

Narrative film detailing some of the resistance wars to Yankee colonialism.

Starts at 7pm, free entry, refreshments available by donations.


Anarkafem night

Autonomous night for women and non-binary folk.
Starts from 5pm.
Get the basics of Spanish and something else in a relaxed environment. All levels are welcome but we will start from the very basics. We will discuss culture too. All with a focus on Latin America. Planning on inviting compañeros from different countries to talk about their local Spanish and culture, including some food if feeling really inspired maybe?

Come and share what you know, your ideas to make it fun, your questions, thoughts, bring a friend, feel free to suggest topics in advance.

Every Saturday starting 17.30 until we get tired (i.e. 19.00 app).


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