This Week

Monday – Labour in Oceania’s position in the world system before invasion
The first in a course on labour history in Australia. There will be a short presentation, then open discussion, Entry is free. Refreshments available by donation
What was your face before your mother was born?
Can there be a working class in Australia before there was an Australia? Before there was a working class?
What was the composition of labour prior to the invasion of Oceania?
– Did labour exist in aboriginal cultures?
– Did labour exist in Torres Strait islander culture?
– How did labour exist in Maori cultures?
– Labour in European military and trading ships, its composition
– Labour and the working class in the isles of britain:
  • Position of the Irish and Scottish (a Scottish foreman is most desirable)
  • Enclosure of English agriculture and the working class’s composition
  • Urban and mining working classes in the Isles of Britain.

Tuesday – Mad Max Fury Road

Hey, its a Holywood film with minimally decent politics. It actually passes the Bechdel test.Riley Keough as Capable, Courtney Eaton as Cheedo The Fragile, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as The Splendid Angharad in Mad Max: Fury Road.

MRA and PUA tears will be served as refreshments.

Wednesday – Socialistic sci-fi11873387_698346630310299_1199737696070282935_n

Our monthly fiction reading group.  We’re looking at contemporary utopia.  Fun reads of places that would be awesome to live in.  This month we’re doing Iain M. Banks’ “the Player of Games”

Wednesday – Anarchafem night302930_10150432593006505_1195068033_n

An autonomous night for women and non-binary folk.

Free Spanish Classes

11896075_10154126231963916_5065739110743519754_nGet the basics of Spanish and something else in a relaxed environment. All levels are welcome but we will start from the very basics. We will discuss culture too. All with a focus on Latin America. Planning on inviting compañeros from different countries to talk about their local Spanish and culture, including some food if feeling really inspired maybe?

Come and share what you know, your ideas to make it fun, your questions, thoughts, bring a friend, feel free to suggest topics in advance.

Every Saturday starting 17.00 until we get tired (i.e. 18.30 app).

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