This week at Black Rose

At 7pm Tuesday June 2 we’ll be hosting a discussion on organising in Australian Prisons, presented by Brett Collins, a coordinator at Justice Action.

Brett has been active in campaigning for prisoners’ rights for 30 years. He is an ex-prisoner, and has in the past been involved in establishing halfway houses and a prisoners union. Justice Action currently lobbies for the rights of prisoners, across issues such as forced medication, the upcoming smoking ban in prisons and access to education.

Come hear a talk from Brett introducing us to the history and current state of prison activism in Australia, followed by a discussion about alternatives to incarceration and how radical folks can support inmates and fight for a world without prisons.

no-more-prisons More info about Justice Action:

At 8pm Wednesday May 20 the Black Rose collective will host our now weekly potluck and games night at Monster Mouse Studios, 21 Maude Lane in Marrickville.

Then from 5-10pm on Thurs May 21, we will be hosting our weekly Anarcha-Feminist arvo.

And from 7pm on Sat May 23 we’ll be hosting our weekly Sober Saturday Night at Black Rose.

A night of radical sobriety. Challenging the drinking culture of capitalism.

Home made chai, music, games, and more!


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