This week at Black Rose

At 7pm on Monday May 4 we’ll be screening: Rebellion (2011)

Rebellion is a 2011 French historical drama set in New Caledonia. The film recreates the Ouvéa cave hostage taking in 1988 when 30 policemen are taken hostage by local separatists. The film follows Captain Philippe Legorjus who is sent out to negotiate with rebel leader Alphonse Dianou.


At 7pm Tues May 5 we’ll be hosting a radical discussion on the Baltimore rebellion

In the past week a rebellion swept through the US city of Baltimore, following the police murder of 25 year old Black man, Freddie Gray. In response the city has declared a week long curfew and called in the national guard.

We hope to have a discussion on growing anti police brutality movement in the US and the recent wave of riots and disorder.

We will discuss what strategic lessons we can learn for our own organising against deaths in custody, as well as discussing the potential for these moments of rebellion to generalise into a larger movement against capitalism.

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