Upcoming stuff at the Rose

At 7pm Monday, Apr 27 we’ll be screening Lets not live like Slaves (2014)

lets-not-live-like-slavesWe’re used to seeing the riot footage in Greece, but what about the constructive element of the anti-authoritarian movement?

“Let’s not live like slaves, is a compendium of testimonies of resistance in terms of self-organization, solidarity and autonomy. This is not exactly a documentary but different images, personal and collective stories about the situation in Greece. A French-Greek film which gives an insight on the resistance, mainly led by antiauthoritarian sphere, in the Hellenic Country showing the collaboration of different collectives, the running of self-organized centres and hospitals, the spreading of alternative journalism, the day by day in the alternative neighbourhood of Exarchia, and other activities.

It is a call against the slavery imposed by the State and Capital and a compilation of examples that show new ways of self-organized and independent living.”


iwwWe postponed our discussion last week due to the wild weather.

So at 7pm on Tuesday Apr 28 we’ll be holding a discussion on The Anzac Myth and anti-militarist organising.

Despite the mythology, the First World War was not a popular war. There was mass opposition to it from the beginning. In Australia and around the world.

Nor has ANZAC Day always been a popular holiday. There is a long history of opposition to militarism on ANZAC Day.

So today, what is to be done?


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