Latest stuff at BR

At 7pm on Mon, March 30 we’ll be screening Land of the Blind.

It’s, is a 2006 political satire starring Ralph Fiennes as a military man who helps overthrow his government. He does so at the urging of a political prisoner, played by Donald Sutherland, who has been outspoken about the corruption of the current regime. The soldier learns that corruption may in fact be an inevitable part of having power.


At 7pm on Tues March 31 we’ll be hosting Veganism, consumer politics or animal liberation?

A radical discussion on the merits of veganism as a political strategy toward the end of animal oppression.

Then at 7 on Thurs Apr 2 we’ll be discussing the text ‘Kurdistan?’ as part of our weekly reading group. The text is a recent essay by Gilles Dauvé which is critical of the YPG, Kurdish nationalism and it’s Western anarchist admirers.

We have physical copies in the space and it can be found online here:


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