This Week at Black Rose!

At 7pm on Mon, Mar 23 we’ll be screening: Born in Flames (1983)
In the near future, USA is celebrating the tenth anniversary of a social democratic revolution that has changed the political fabric of the nation. But some aspects of life have evolved much more than others. As some Americans become disenchanted with the new order, racism and sexism are on the rise, and though the new leaders may talk a good game about economic justice and equality in the workplace, women find they’re still working harder and being paid less, and their jobs mysteriously vanish when they complain. Adelaide Norris is an educated African-American woman who is also a blue-collar labourer; fed up with the double standards that control her life, Norris helps form the Women’s Army, a revolutionary feminist group that serves as a vigilante force to protect women on the street and a paramilitary unit to fight the powers that be.

At 7pm on Tues Mar 24 we’ll be hosting: Voting? Is it ever worthwhile?
A radical discussion on the question of strategic voting in elections. Should radicals ever vote for social democratic parties for whatever gains there’s to be had? Or should radicals campaign against electoral politics? Does it even matter?

At 7pm Thurs, Mar 26 as part of our weekly reading group we’ll be discussing: “Separate and Equal”?: Mujeres Libres and Anarchist Strategy for Women’s Emancipation
In May 1936, a group of anarchist women founded Mujeres Libres, the first autonomous, proletarian feminist organisation in Spain… Its goal was to end the “triple enslavement of women, to ignorance, to capital, and to men.” While some of the founders were professional or semi-professional women, the vast majority of its members (who numbered approximately 20,000 in July 1937) were working-class women. The women of Mujeres Libres aimed both to overcome the barriers of ignorance and inexperience which prevented women from participating as equals in the struggle for a better society, and to confront the dominance of men within the anarchist movement itself….

Then at 2pm on Sunday March 29 we’ll be holding a discussion on The End of Black Rose? (Again):

A lot of people in our collective who help run the space are leaving the city for a while, have starting studying, or are going to be otherwise unavailable. So before it becomes terminal we thought that we’d have a general assembly to talk about the future. Is Black Rose worth continuing. What are some ways that things could be improved?

So the day after the election come down and be part of an open discussion that may actually get things done.


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