Recent Events at BR

On Monday February 9 we screened THX1138, a 1971 dystopia, directed by George Lucas, when the human race has been relocated to a underground city located beneath the Earth’s surface.

On Tuesday Feb 10 we held a radical disscussion on what GrExit (Greece leaving the Eurozone) would mean.

On Monday Feb 15 we screened ‘Stand up and be vocal’. This 2001 doco Contains interviews with queer artists, activists and bands about queer punk, feminist concepts and actions. Filmed during a trip to San Francisco. A documentary by Uta Busch and Sandra Ortmann.

On Tuesday Feb 17 we held a radical discussion titled “Socialism in One Village” about the small village of Marinaleda in Andalusia which has full employment on land collectivised from the local aristocracy; a living wage of €1200; housing for all; and no cops…

Then on Thursday Feb 19 we will be holding a reading group dissussing the text “Renouncing Privilege, Using Privilege” by Sally Matthews. Paper copies are available at the rose.

Text link:

Here’s a login if you want the PDF without signing up:
Password: bugmenot

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