This week’s events at BR

At 7pm on Monday Feb 23 we’ll screen the 2014 film Ciutat Morta : Dead Citycartel-ciutat-morta_6

The film follows 800 people who illegally occupy an old movie theater in Barcelona in order to screen a documentary. They rename the old building after a girl who committed suicide in 2011: Cinema Patricia Heras. Who was that girl? Why did she kill herself and what does the city have to do with it? That’s exactly what the squatting action is about: letting everyone know the truth about one of the worse corruption cases in Barcelona, the dead city

At 7pm on Tues Feb 24 we”l be hosting a discussion on Sexuality and Gender in an Anti-capitalist Framework.

Come along for a rockin’ workshop about the construction of queerness under capitalism. Why is sexuality and gender regulated and disciplined by the state and the market? And where does identity end and politics begin?


Then at 7pm on Thurs Feb 26 we’ll be discussing the short text: “Anarchism – the Feminist Connection” as part of our regular reading group.

In the author Krnegger introduces people familiar with feminism to anarchism and the history of anarchy as a political movement and struggle. It serves as a good introduction for those looking beyond the limits of mainstream feminism to radical anarcha-feminist ideas.

The text can be found online at:


Recent Events at BR

On Monday February 9 we screened THX1138, a 1971 dystopia, directed by George Lucas, when the human race has been relocated to a underground city located beneath the Earth’s surface.

On Tuesday Feb 10 we held a radical disscussion on what GrExit (Greece leaving the Eurozone) would mean.

On Monday Feb 15 we screened ‘Stand up and be vocal’. This 2001 doco Contains interviews with queer artists, activists and bands about queer punk, feminist concepts and actions. Filmed during a trip to San Francisco. A documentary by Uta Busch and Sandra Ortmann.

On Tuesday Feb 17 we held a radical discussion titled “Socialism in One Village” about the small village of Marinaleda in Andalusia which has full employment on land collectivised from the local aristocracy; a living wage of €1200; housing for all; and no cops…

Then on Thursday Feb 19 we will be holding a reading group dissussing the text “Renouncing Privilege, Using Privilege” by Sally Matthews. Paper copies are available at the rose.

Text link:

Here’s a login if you want the PDF without signing up:
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Latest Events at BR

At 7pm on Monday the 2nd of Feb we’ll be screening Monty Pythons briclassic, The Life of Brian.

Then at 7 on Tuesday the 3rd we’ll be holding a radical discussion on ‘What the fuck is going on in Greece.’

Then at 7 on Thursday the 4th of Feb we’ll be holding another reading group discussion of the ‘Aims and Objectives of the Anarchist Movement’  written by the Redfern Black Rose Anarcanarchist Bookshop Collective in May 1986. We’re reading to see how things have changed and what has stayed the same. And for the lolz

Text link:

As always there are also hard copies at Black Rose.