This weeks events at BR

11096_10152986908496505_1275473199362433115_nAt 7pm, on Tuesday the 27th of Jan we’ll bee hosting a discussion on anarchists movements in Turkey. It should be an awesome discussion with a Turkish comrade who is studying anarchism and is on a brief trip down under.

Then at 7pm on Thursday the 29th of Jan we’ll hold a reading group discussion on the essay: The Holocaust, the Aborigines, and the Bureaucracy of Destruction: An Australian Dimension of Genocide

As a way into this topic, we can juxtapose two quotes, taken from statements made by Australian officials of the Department of the Interior in the 1930s. The 1stst is from 1933:

In the [Northern] Territory the mating of an Aboriginal with any person other than an Aboriginal is prohibited. The mating of coloured aliens with any female of part Aboriginal blood is also forbidden. Every endeavour is being made to breed out the colour by elevating female half-castes to the white standard with a view to their absorption by mating into the white population.

The second quote comes from 1936:

Jews as a class are not desirable immigrants for the reason that they do not assimilate;speaking generally, they preserve their identity as Jews.


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