Hola compas,

Black Rose had a pretty good year. We’ve been open from 10ish to 10 almost every day, providing an introductory and organising space for radical politics. Whilst an open space will never be a safe space, we’ve had some successes in trying to make it a safer space – including running Black Rose as a semi-dry space.

However, the organising collective doesn’t want to run the risk of becoming isolated from the broader community. So if compas want to get involved please let us know. You can join the organising collective. You can do shifts. Direct debits to our bank account are part of how we pay rent after the move to a dry space (name: nina / bsb: 06 2212 / account number: 1059 3632)

You can organise regular or one -off events. Or maybe something entirely new that none of us have thought of.

So if you can help out, why not drop by, o5 send us an email, comment or ask someone else.


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