Latest events at BR

On Monday Jan 19 at 7pm we’ll be screening Terry Gilliam’s classic 1985 dystopbrazilian satire, Brazil.

Set in a decaying, terrorist-threatened Londonesque metropolis, Brazil revolves around a meek, unambitious, and humble urban worker named Sam Lowry in the red tape-plagued, bureaucratic Ministry of Information.

A clerical error, which condemns an innocent man, causes Sam to meet his dream girl – a suspected terrorist. His apparent salvation from the paper-choked, poorly-functioning society comes in the form of a guerrilla heating-engineer and terrorist enemy of the state Harry Tuttle, whose renegade behavior is opposed by the state.

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At 7pm on Tuesday Jan 20 we’ll be hosting a talk and discussion by Jenny Munroe, a Wiradjiri elder, life long militant in the land rights movement and co-founder of the Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy.

The presentation is called “We can all be rainbow warriors” in reference to Pemulway, the Eora freedom fighter who gave his life resisting British colonisation.

Then on Thursday Jan 22 at 7pm we’ll be holding our weekly reading group. The text this week is called ‘A Non-European Anarchism’ written in 2007 by north American post-left theorist Aragorn.

The text is a fairly short analysis of the concept of Europe and how the colonial mentality has influenced the anarchism.

The text can be found at:


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